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Book your accommodation and try some apples
Book your accommodation and try some apples

the farm

Cherry Homestead was once an established tobacco farm and the barn was used to dry the tobacco. The old drying rooms are still there, but the outside Kiln, feeding the drying rooms with heat was removed some time ago.

Motueka used to be New Zealand’s tobacco-growing centre. Thanks to the exceptional soil fertility, ideal weather conditions and the suitable surrounding land for small farm settlements. In the early 1980´s the crop was no longer profitable after the government removed the requirement for New Zealand grown tobacco in locally produced cigarettes. Because of this decision, lots of farms in the area changed their produce going into growing for example apples and hops instead.

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cherry homestead

Cherry Homestead was earlier called Salisbury farm and was after the tobacco farming days subdivided into two main lots. A net cage was installed and several different fruit varieties were planted. For example tart cherries, persimmons, blueberries, grapefruit, lemons and grapes. Other fruits and nut trees were also planted around the property, like apples, pears, plums, peaches and walnut.

The farm has good soil, great location and so many possibilities and we are so happy to be able to be a part of Cherry Homestead’s history and to be adding garlic and pumpkin growing to the list of crops.

The Wahlgren Family

the family

We, The Wahlgren family, moved from Sweden to New Zealand in 2015 in search of a new lifestyle and the adventure of a lifetime. During the first 5 years, we were the proud owners and operators of Anglers Lodge on the Coromandel peninsula. There we had several different motel options as well as campsites. The lodge was also the base for our fishing charter boat serving both Kiwis as well as international customers. Coromandel is truly an amazing part of New Zealand and will always be on our top list of places to visit.

motueka valley

A new chapter began in February 2020 when the whole family decided it was time to leave Coromandel and make our way south. We settled in the breathtakingly beautifully Motueka Valley on the top of the South Island. Cherry Homestead is beautifully nestled in between the mountains and the sparklingly clear Motueka River renowned for its exceptional trout fishing.

Emelie and Johan with their two kids Loke and Viggo along with grandma Lotta and grandpa Thomas have now settled down on the 17-acre property named Cherry Homestead. Sister and daughter Malin is making sure that the graphic design is spot on.

On top of that, Emelie is also a keen artist working mostly with driftwood to create adorable little craft pieces. Upcycling of furniture, as well as new production, is another part of our design venture. In fact, that’s where Emelie’s husband Johan can put his background as a carpenter to good use when needed, (when he’s not out on the field on his knees weeding the garlic…)

The Wahlgren Family

Emelie & Johan, kids Loke & Viggo
Lotta & Thomas, Malin

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