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Organic Garlic Seed Bulbs


Organically grown NZ Early Purple garlic seed bulbs. Great for planting or eating.

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Organically grown NZ garlic.

Variety: NZ Early Purple (hard neck garlic with an early harvest, great for beating the rust)

Amount: bulbs sold individually at $4.50/bulb

Each bulb usually contains at least 5 good-sized cloves for planting.

Bulb sizes up to 60mm.

This New Zealand Early Purple variety is a lovely hard neck garlic, great for cooking and eating. It is planted in April-May and harvested around November and then cured for a few weeks before it is brought into storage. 

Here at Cherry Homestead, we only use organic soil and fertilizer for our garlic and it is strictly spray-free, so it’s not only good for you but for the environment as well…

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 235 × 165 × 70 mm
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